Ideally situated in South Brittany where land meets sea, Ploemeur is the fourth city of the Morbihan département counting 20 000 inhabitants. West coast lovers will be delighted: whether on the beach or in one of the many secret coves, the local people fill their daily life with water sports (sailing, scuba diving, surf, fishing…). Boasting a natural heritage and districts with strong, picturesque identities, you will definitely enjoy Ploemeur attractiveness.

Spreading over 11 miles along the ocean, Ploemeur offers a wide array of breath-taking sceneries: wild, jagged coastlines, foaming rocks, fine-sand beaches, little harbours, coves. Ponds, undergrowth, stone villages, megaliths, fountains, chapels, kaolin paths… will lure you into a stroll or bike ride along 40 miles of tracks to explore the landscape.

Our lovely seaside district provides all the facilities to make life happier and easier for all of us: nursery and elementary schools, secondary schools, early childhood centres, sheltered housing for the elderly, youth services, leisure activities (swimming pool, golf course, sports grounds and halls…) or cultural activities (West media pass library, multimedia, theatres…). In collaboration with the associations, Ploemeur tries hard to offer their citizens and visitors tons of cultural, sports and leisure attractions.
The city fosters soft modes of transport with dozens of cycle lanes running across the city centre and neighbourhoods. Besides, a green lane connecting Lorient (Kerfichant) up to the coastline (Courégant) dedicated to cyclists, runners and walkers is open to facilitate their trips; a very efficient way to preserve our lovely environment. Specific urban planning has also been designed for people with restricted mobility.
Besides, the city is very much committed to developing exchanges and to organizing events through various partnerships and exchanges: Lorient University, Dixmude, the twinning with Fermoy and very soon with EHMEJ in Lebanon. Many future-oriented projects and local developments for Ploemeur city.



Name: Plœmeur
Breton name: Plañwour
Region: Brittany
Département: Morbihan
District: Plœmeur (county town)
Intercommunity: urban area of Lorient
Postal code: 56270
INSEE code (national institute of statistical and economic information):
Gentile noun: Plœmeurois – Plœmeuroise
Number of inhabitants: 20 000
Surface area: 39.72 km²
Altitude: min -1m / max + 55m

Bordering cities:

  • Lorient
  • Larmor-Plage
  • Queven
  • Guidel